2 Room Tent Instructions


The tent is sturdy and unlike the fellow who has a tent 'from a few years back', we were as dry as you can get after a thunder storm that dumped a very heavy amount of rain. I am very happy with this product and glad I took the chance on it, even paying full price was a bargain compared to other I've tried. DO: carefully check your product manual that comes with a Greatland tent kit if it is capable or made for waterproof use, can withstand continuous downpour of rain and snow, and intense or rough weather. Installation and set-up according to one product manual of a Greatland tent (Two Room Dome Tent with Screen, Model # TGT-1615).

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2 Room Tent Instructions

Greatland 2 Room Tent Instructions

It sounds quite easy to find a Hillary Tent Instruction but actually it may take hours or days if you are not following the right route (lol, or reading this article). It honestly took me some time to find instructions for several tents, but alas I did find a few along with Parts Replacements for Hillary Tents as well, more about that later.

Having the instructions are important because without a copy of tent instructions, you may not be very happy with your camping experience or maybe after you started your camping you may find it irritating when some unwanted misplacement of the tent has given you a big problem. So, to avoid these uncomfortable experiences it is always better that you carry a Hillary tent instructions manual.

Another tip is before you decide on your camping plan; check out for the Hillary tent manual first. If you don’t have one, the first place you can try out is the local camping dealer outlet where Hillary tents are sold. They may also have the instruction manual as they are dealing with the same products. But this is not a very reliable source as many people have complaint about not getting a Hillary Tent Instruction in the dealer market.

Hillary Tent Instructions

Hillary Tent Model 308.700020

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Hillary Tent Model 308.770.140

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2 Room Tent Instructions

What else you can do other than this? The next place you can try out is the online forums or sites which deal with Hillary tent or other kinds of camping gear solutions. Post your query about any of the Hillary tent models that you are using and finding difficulty in handling. Many experienced people are there to help you out with your problem. However sometimes, you will find answers like there is no other option than to leave your Hillary tent and buy new one that comes with a good manual at hand. Don’t panic just yet, all is not lost.

As said above, you do not need to panic because we have the right solution here and this is the end of all of your problems (hopefully). We searched hard and long and even the “experts” on this site told us it wasn’t available, but this seemed to be a case of something “hiding in plain sight”. Just for the hundreds of you who have asked, here it is.

Greatland Camping 2 Room Tent Instructions

Try this link < This opens a new window to Shopyourway.com repository of manuals – custom search.

3 Room Tents

Another way to get the Hillary Tent Instructions and even some Hillary Pole Replacement Parts that we have found is here: http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/owner_manuals/search?query=tents

Here you will be asked to download the manual. It is just a click in between with you and your tents instruction manual. When you download, you will find a PDF version of the full instruction manual. You can print it out and can be kept as your personal property for future use. Now, you with your instruction are ready to go ahead for the camping.

The tent instructions include all the necessary advices along with your camping requirements. It talks about how to use and how to keep the tent safe with a longer life span. Camping tips are also provided on the first sections of the instruction manual. A list of camping checklist is furnished there. Safety and health aid like first aid kit, map, compass, binoculars and camp bath requirements such as biodegradable soap, camping shower plus a space for other personal list that you may want to put on. It also included a consumer hotline number through which you can get help on camping suggestions or for any other problem that you would like it to be solved and any consumer questions that are related to Hillary Tents.

This instruction contains on how to order replacement parts for your tents in detail. The how to assembly instruction follows it and you will find it very handy as minute details are laid down step by step.

Coleman 2 Room Tent Instructions

For example, step one and two instructs you to clean the camping area so that any hazardous things that can damage the tent is removed, to separate all the frame sections by colors and to spread the tent floor side down flat. The assembling steps of joining the stakes one after another and the color coded side ridge pole joining together with the same color coded edge to join the sleeves are next and so on. I will spare you all the details are you can print and read for yourself. This made it all very easy and you will find the exact and complete guide on Hillary tent instructions from this downloadable version. There is no better way than to try out for this one.

Another option is to follow this camper’s YouTube video.


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