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The image above is a translation of the Help in the game 3DCG When we've downloaded then there will be 2 and 1 Zip File System Information (ga order) hshare.net.3D.Custom.Girl.XP and hshare.net.3D.Custom.Girl + XP ' Inget difference in sign + ' hshare.net Contains.3D.Custom.Girl.XP Cra k her hshare.net Contains.3D.Custom.Girl + XP Installation. 3DEvolution is the first combined validation, conversion and healing tool that is certified by VDA and SASIG. CAD data can be checked regarding B-REP quality, tesselation and e.g. JT specific criteria. The LOTAR GVP checker has been designed in collaboration with Airbus to validate STEP data for longterm data archiving.

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Mewtwo in a still from 'Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution' The battles make good use of the new animation tech and that's a standout. The island storyline where Mewtwo confronts the trainers becomes a tad predictable as they have no answers to its onslaught. The 3DCG effects are a major boost and serve the 90-minute feature well. Ichimura previously performed for the character during Pokemon: The First Movie and its 3DCG remake, Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION. Not only that, but it's clear when Mewtwo appears in front of. Check out MMD3DCG's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.

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This time the author want to discuss about 3DCG - 3D Custom Girl, From the name uda ketauan APP for what. You guys Hobby Manga Characters Picture ?, but ran out of ideas and materials, Try it Download 3DCG. For the Otaku, must have been heard This 3DCG name, although this yaa APP / game is not for Sembarnag Age, ni its 18+ rating, Including eroge Try your clay Image Above, we have been provided Character Cewe hm -maaf- Naked - We just set the 'Forms' Agency , Clothes / Accessories, Set Height, Fat / Thin / Chibi, Style Eitss .. carefully choose the style -Hm .- one click which bobbed style -Hm .- yes taulah .. Gitu, gituu n so. . thx set the style on the line style selection below choose the skin color, use 2 of kiri.Yang it safe. XP Jump feel want to download? Patience Bro . download link I have found in the middle of nowhere website set it meditation in front of the net for a few days, wkwkwk, and I have found in a paradise site Eroge torent, So .. should be patient klo download, usually klo use Torent Speed ​​Somewhat Descending, The file but fortunately there forever. Internet home ga bankruptcy ama wrote many Seedernyar still can be downloaded XD, its Size 1.4 ~ 1.5 GB was, pretty big too

V [hshare.net] .3D.Custom.Girl + XP [1337x.org] Download Uncesored Patch <Usage = Extract-> override in installation folder> Download Custom Laucher <Usage = Put in Folder Installation> NEW MOD Tutorials 3DCG

Uda on Can Download via Torent right? Whenever Whenever deh Author Share Download File Torent.Tp how could the author briefly explain. Download Torent Downloader application, for example uTorent (author of make it anyway), click n drag files torent above earlier in the uTorent , Start Download. The link nemunya on Youtube, seteleh ubek-ubek Mbah Goole until mbah googlenya headache XDUncesored Patch, As the name suggests, it seems no need to authors explain: 3costom Laucher, ease there when you open the application, play exenya.Sebenarnya without using custom laucherpun kitta still can easily to the window / full-screen mode in kyboard resistant F Click -> Open Laucher -> full screen mode Click on W in resistant keyboard -> open Laucher -> window mode but with our custom bus Laucher amemilih how resolution will be used, while if only the F / W has been adjusted to default

3DCG Window display modes using the W key

at 1024x768 choose according to taste, whereas for full scr, in check so full scr not in check so the window
The image above is a translation of the Help in the game 3DCG

When we've downloaded then there will be 2 and 1 Zip File System Information (ga order)
[hshare.net] .3D.Custom.Girl.XP and [hshare.net] .3D.Custom.Girl + XP
' Inget difference in sign + '
[hshare.net] Contains .3D.Custom.Girl.XP Cra
k her
[hshare.net] Contains .3D.Custom.Girl + XP Installation Files.

This time also author include ways Installation, Given ntu App using Japanese .1.Extract and Run. * .exe file in [hshare.net] .3D.Custom.Girl + XP.rar 2 Note A: Determine the place intalasi, tu That the Browse button, just click, and select Install masu in Where B : Next 3. Next wrote again 4. Installation Process 5. Close / ExitInstallation've seleseai sekarnag to copy the Crack. For gamers certainly familiar with the name Crack, [hshare.net] .3D.Custom.Girl.XP.rar contain his Crack file, Extract in 1 folder. After The extract will be 2 Folder and some web shortcut file. Open the folder named インストールファイル -Intinya the letter extensions as folder 1 again his name over the shorter Copy the contents of Folderインストールファイルhis -Semua-Open Installation Folder you (No. 2) paste in sana.Bila requested confirmation to Replace, Copy and Replace wrote. Oh he, in fact this 3DCG for Windows XP, Relax do not be afraid, be really the way in Win 7 Properties its origin in the locker right click ObsDX9.exe that had abis in the Replace right click Properties-> Compatibility, select Run: Windows XP (up to which one) and Check the Run As Admin and then Apply. Sip dah, Ready to run his 3DCG To the confusion about how to install, there are video tutorials installation ni Writer Trying for Miku via 3DCG, similar ga? for screenshot simply press printscreen <close the insert button> and if you install 3DCG by default, where screenshootnya in MyDocument TechArts3D TDCG snapshotswhether this is just an error in the author but if Fullscr mode can not alt + tab, and when fullscr mode can not be screenshot <result screenshot is not visible in the screenshot collection folder> so it's better to use the Window Mode, because if Windowed can alt tab.

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Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kgucrt4akd6mcc3/TDCGLauncher.exe
Download: http://itreksa.blogspot.com.br/2012/08/3DCG.html
Tutorial VD: http://itreksa.blogspot.com.br/2012/08/3DCG.html
Download Body: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/e1wpwp0v8yere/3DCG_Files
3DCG Collection: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=c9537b5bc3baa8d

The diffusion of 3DCG animation technology might solve the problems of the Japanese animation industry?

What pops into your mind when you hear about 3DCG animation?

Maybe Japanese people are more familiar with the classic Japanese style of animation (cel animation). 3DCG animation is broadly used overseas, and you can see examples of it in Pixar movies. In Japan, it's sometimes used for battle scenes in mecha anime and for idol transformations.

Although I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, I don't know much about the evolution of 3DCG animation. But just by taking a look at the dance scenes in PreCure, I can say that computer-created graphics nowadays are amazingly smooth.

Japanese cel anime are mostly 2D and are created by drawing several frames and by moving them to create a movie, as you would do with a flip book. Up until now, it hasn't been uncommon for animators to incorporate CG elements in the face and body of the characters. However, recently, it seems that an increasing number of anime and characters is created in CG - resulting in 3DCG anime that still look like they were hand-drawn. One example is the popular Kemono Friends, one of this year's biggest anime hits.

Do you remember our visit to Studio Trigger, in the last issue of Attack!!CompanyVisit? It was the Studio Trigger team who suggested which company I should visit next: it's called Sanzigen, and it's one of the most important when it comes to 3DCG animation. One of their titles, which was created completely in 3DCG animation but which still preserves an hand-drawn feel, is Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova.

Sanzigen is in the same building as Studio Trigger.

Why does contemporary 3D graphics look so natural!?

▲ We have talked to Mr. Uetaka, 3DCG animator, supervisor and consultant at Sanzigen. He's currently in charge of Itazura Majo to Nemuranai Machi, an XFLAG original animation starting on December 1st.
Itazura Majo to Nemuranai Machi, an XFLAG original animation.
-- First of all, I was very surprised when I first watched Itazura Majo to Nemuranai Machi. Are the characters and backgrounds really 3D!? They don't look 3D at all..

Thank you very much. It's thanks to a technology called 'cel-shading' that we can make 3D works look like authentic Japanese cel anime.

* Cel-shading: one of CG drawing methods designed to make 3D computer graphics appear to be flat by using less shading color instead of a shade gradient or tints and shades.
▲ A 3D model (left). The same 3D model processed in cel-shading (right).
-- Fascinating! It suddenly became 2D! I only have a vague idea of what 'anime-style' means. Concretely, what kind of process makes a model look anime-like?
At the stage of modeling the shape of a character, we will pay attention to the different consistencies according to the character design. There are many things you have to keep in mind when modeling a character, such as textures, how to paint it, the placement of the various parts.. But the biggest thing is shadowing. When we apply shadows to a character, we have to make it look 2D.

However, although I said that the placement of the various parts is important, sometimes we need to disintegrate a character in order to come up with a good animation.


Well, for example, take this expression (left picture). It's a very natural pose for an anime, but if you take the front view of the same character you get something completely different and unnatural (right picture).

-- I see! If you're working with natural expressions, you can maintain the integrity of a model. However, if you need to work with exaggerated, anime-like expressions, disintegrating the 3D model is a must!

Exactly. A mouth can't open that wide in real life! (laughs)


One of the weapons of 3DCG is having a 3D model that can be moved from every angle. However, this also means that sometimes it's impossible to create animations that would go well with cel anime. For this reason, sometimes we just need to throw away that weapon and pursue the cel style in other ways.

A live-action shooting!? How 3DCG animations are made

-- Watching the anime SHIROBAKO I learned how a traditional anime is made: it all starts with a large number of illustrations that are put together to create a movie, then music and backgrounds are added. But how about 3DCG animation? Tell us about it!

You can take a look at the general production flow in this picture (↓). The process itself is close to a live-action shooting and includes camera tests and storyboards.

Storyboard: the animation blueprint.

Camera Test: a process used to determine the characters acting, the relation between the position of various elements, the direction of the camera and so on.

Animation Fix: the process according to which the flow of the animation is decided.

Finishing: the process of adding shades to the polygon model in order to make it look 2D.

-- Interesting! After deciding the flow of the video, you go through several checks, test the motions, add backgrounds.. But I can't really picture the concrete process. Is it correct to assume that the CGs are moved on screen just like in MMD?
*MMD: 'MikuMikuDance', a free 3DCG movie-making tool released for free. Many movies where 3D models dance have been posted to websites like Nico Nico Video.

Basically, yes! (laughs)After building a model, we perform a task called rigging, and we establish where the girl’s joints are, how theclothes are moving etc. Once this is finished, we pass it to the animator,and the animator moves the character just like in MMD.

▲ (Left) 3D model. At this point, it’s still an
empty doll. (Right) Screen during rigging. At this stage, joints and clothes
decorations are added.

Merging beautiful girls to create more beautiful girls?

-- I heard it’s pretty hard to reproduce moe movements in 3DCG. However, at Sanzigen, you’re doing an amazing job! Would you mind sharing some tricks?

There’s no limit when it comes to the pursuit of beautiful girly faces! (laughs)

I don’t have many tricks to share; most of them come from experience.

3dcg Evolution

Since 3DCG is data, it’s now possible to efficiently create high-quality models that reproduce “cute Japanese anime faces” by combining past assets.

3dcg Evolution


It’s a process of trial and error that involves putting together different parts to create a completely new model.

Since anime should always be cute, it makes sense not to create each new model from zero – but to use and customize hair and eyes we’ve created in the past.
-- I see! In the past, AKB48 used parts of each girl’sface to create a new girl to use for promotion. It’s a similar process, isn't it?

Exactly. “Recycling” models is something that canhardly be done in 2D animation. The know-how packed in the hand-drawn originalillustrations is something that belongs to the artist, so it wouldn’t be fairto share it with others. Meanwhile, the more 3DCG graphics you create, the moreexperience, technology and data can be accumulated.

-- I see! This is one of the many advantages on 3DCG.

3dcg Evolution Download


Here’s an example of body parts that have been re-used. Reoko Banryuu from BBK/BRNK was created by using the face from Ultra Super Sisters’ Supica as a base. Yuusuke Kozaki is responsible for the character design of both characters, so we created a model and adjusted it according to the character design.

-- Oh, I see! The model is carefully built after the character design.

The uniform itself was based on a sailor uniform we created in the past – we just had to adjust its length and the design on the skirt. It saves so much time!

Can 3DCG solve the problems of the Japanese anime industry?

-- Apart from the possibility to recycle pre-mademodels, what other differences are there between 2D animation and 3DCGanimation?

Hmmm. Basically, 3D anime are produced not only between members of the production company, but also require a cooperation with others (artists etc). On the other hand, 3DCG animation can be produced by a single company. It’s quite a big difference.

-- In other words, when it comes to 2D animation, theproduction company has to commission the original illustrations to an artist,then they have to collect them and so on. When it comes to 3DCG, sharing theillustrations and drawings is not necessary since everything happens inside thecompany.


Exactly. And as I said earlier, we can also use some assets we built in the past… We can recycle various materials, such as birds, tanks and tires.

A good example of this is Girls und Panzer. It would be hard for a single person to draw such a large number of tanks, but with 3DCG, once you create a model you can reuse it and customize it.

▲ Sharing and using the assets made in the past such as tanks and airframes will make the work more efficient.


Adobesongstd light gbpc euc hoodie. It is! While a TV anime usually takes up to 100 artists to be created, if you’re working with computer graphics it takes just about 20.


If you manage to lower the personnel costs, you canincrease salaries. In 3DCG, a single person is responsible for multiple tasksand this means wages are also higher.

-- Wow! One of the biggest problems of the animeindustry is the low wage labor, but 3DCG could easily solve it!


Yes. I think paying employees a sufficient salary is important in order to keep the level of the industry high as a whole.


CG is something that can be used in many different industries. Naturally, if the game world turned out to be more lucrative than the anime world, there would be no reason for skilled people and professionals to stay in the one that pays less. This would take many talented creators away from the anime world, and the quality of the productions would decrease. Therefore, being able to pay creators a good salary is a way to make sure that people stay in the anime industry, and a way to protect it.

▲ Producing digital illustrations with a tablet means merging the technique of hand-drawn animation to the advantages of CG.

CG's 'uncanny valley' was crossed by 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova'

-- You have various experiences with 3DCG animation production, as an on-site animator, consultant, and director. What represented a turning point for you?

Phone to phone transfer. The turning point was definitely Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova.

Before it came out, works created using 3DCG were often criticized for not being able to express characters meaningfully, and since viewers weren't familiar with the 3DCG approach, graphics tended to look funny to them. Viewers had this kind of filter that prevented them from enjoying 3DCG; I had a hard time trying to express myself properly.

-- But with Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova, you managed to tear up that filter!


Exactly. I was confident that I could create a high-quality animation while making use of 3DCG, and I realized that the viewers were reacting to it differently. Reactions on Twitter went from '3D is scary, unnatural', to proper comments regarding the contents of the anime. (laughs) Finally, I felt like I could deliver what I wanted to express through my works.

And a certain experience regarding the creation of characters in 3DCG was very important to me.


Iona, the protagonist of Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova, is a character that goes from being an inorganic robot to acquiring more and more human features as the story goes on. At the same time, her appearance also becomes more natural. That's because the quality of Iona's drawing assets increased as the work progressed - which is something that doesn't happen with 2D animation. It's a feature that is unique to 3DCG.

-- A link between the graphics and the story! What a beautiful experience..

3dcg Evolution


We'd like to keep creating animations to please the public, and of course, we'd also like expanding further with some satellite office. It would be great to bring animation studios to rural areas, to break the platitude according to which 'anime = Tokyo'.

▲ In the Tokyo office, I spotted some monitors connected to the satellite offices of Kyoto, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

In this office, hope and future are tied together towards a new kind of animation production!

▲ More than 130 staff members are working in the Tokyo office. Every day, they welcome new approaches and adopt new techniques!

Uetaka told us about how accumulating technology and know-how means improving the quality of 3DCG. While leaving aside the unique culture of Japanese cel animation, this new efficient approach to anime might help to create a better world both for creators and for viewers.

In this series, we visit creative companies and talk to people who work there. Please look forward to the next installment!

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