Aluratek Frame Id Retrieving


Congrats! You've bought an Aluratek Wifi Digital Photo Frame! Here you will see step-by-step instructions on how to setup your frame and start uploading pictures! Stay tuned to the bottom for a Pro Tip!

  1. Open up your wifi frame box and plug in the frame into an outlet. Make sure you fully charge the device with batteries before initial use.
  2. Click on settings
  3. Then select WiFi setting and navigate to your home wifi network. Enter in your network password and wait for it to say connected. If it does not say connected it is not properly set up. (Secured means it is not properly connected)
  4. Using your mobile device, navigate to your iOS or Android application store and search for Aluratek WiFi Frame. Download the app to your smartphone.
  5. Once downloaded open the app and select binding equipment and on the frame navigate to settings > Device info. Enter in the Frame ID No on the frame into the smarphone app where it says please enter device number
  6. Select Bind on the application. You will be prompted to name your device and your nickname.
  7. To upload photos, navigate back to the main home screen on the application and select Gallery. Here you will be brought to the photos on your smartphone. Select the photos you want to upload to your device and select finish in the top right hand corner.
  8. Your photos will begin uploading and you will be see a notification on your wifi frame

‎The app ‘Aluratek Wifi Frame’ can be used to share photo/text/video to your specified WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame. You can send your photo, video to your Wifi Cloud Frame by following steps: 1. Bind device by the device serial number 2. Easily send gallery photos or take new pictures to share. You need to get the Document object for the frame. Notice: the total frame count of video captured by opencv often is not correct. You can read this tutorial to learn more. A Beginner Guide to Python Get Video Duration with OpenCV – Python Tutorial. Set to capture images per how many frames. #Capture images per 25 frame frameFrequency=25. In this example, we will capture images per 25 frames. Learn more with 63 Questions and 100 Answers for Aluratek - 15.6' Touchscreen LCD Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame.

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Now you're ready to start uploading hundreds of pictures for you to enjoy on your Aluratek Wifi Digital Photo Frame! Pro Tip: If you give your Aluratek frame to your loved one, you can set up the frame beforehand, and surprise them with pictures all year round!

We can capture images by frames from video to analysis. In this tutorial, we will use python opencv to do it. You can learn how to do by our tutorial.

Get the support you need for your Aluratek product. Drivers / Manuals Product Registration Warranty and Return Policy Customer Service Help Desk: Live Chat by LivePerson.

Install OpenCV

Before starting, we should install opencv for python. You can read tutorial below to start.

Import library

Define a video file and a directory to save images

In this example, we will capture images from vid.mp4 and save images to e:video-images.


Create a VideoCapture objectLg shark code calculator pack 9.

We can use VideoCapture object to get video frames and images.

Notice: the total frame count of video captured by opencv often is not correct. You can read this tutorial to learn more.

Set to capture images per how many frames

In this example, we will capture images per 25 frames.

Capture images from video

Aluratek Digital Photo Frame Support

Code above will captrue images from video.

Aluratek Picture Frame

The images are: