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دانلود برنامه ANSYS Products 16.2 x64 + Documentation - دانلود نرم افزار انسیس تصاویر و توضیحات دانلود نسخه 16 نرم افزار انسیس جهت تحلیل مسائل گوناگون و متنوع مهندسی از قبیل حرارت، سیالات، مغناطیس و. I'm working on a bachelor's thesis using Ansys 19.2. It's based off of a previous work using 16.2. Professor wants me to retrace the steps for mesh generation down to most options to get a comparable result to the old wing design. Now the problem is that between 16.2 and 19.2 it seems a lot of options changed in the mesh options. This video is a complete step by step procedure to install Ansys 16.2, watch carefully and follow the steps to install Ansys without any error.

Yesterday, I installed Ansys 16.2 student version. I also have the solidworks premium 2013. I want to integrate them together but something seems to be wrong.

Atomix virtualdj 8 pro infinity. I runned the 'Ansys CAD Configuration Manager' as an administrator > selected 'solidworks _ Workbench Associative Interface' > clicked 'next' > Clicked 'Configure Selected CAD Interfaces' > the following message shows up:

Prerequisites ... Configure Success
SW Workbench PlugIn ... Not Configured

What's going wrong??


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when you download ANSYS, look in the downloaded folder for 'cads' and you will find all of the cad plugins required for all of the accepted cad software.

For example: looking in cads folder, 'ai' folder is autodesk inventor, 'sw' folder is solidworks etc. when you run your ANSYS cad config. like you have done, its looking for these files so without them it will not configure. In the error text log it will say .dll not found (registry file). You need to take note of what folder its looking in and move your cad plugin files to this. I moved the inventor folder in 'ai' to:


run the CAD config again and you will find it works.

Same problem in here, but with Ansys 13.0 I didn't have this problem

Ansys 16.2 Download 64-bit

I have the same issue aswell, how do I locate the plug in I need from Solidworks to put it in the correct location?

There are 2668 views and 5 answers. People! can you please share your experiance if it worked or not, dont be so selfish.
i downloaded ansys 19.2 student recently , and i have solidworks 2019 pro , as Duncan said i realised that sw file does not exists and i tried to move solid works plug in file to that direction but i dont know whats the files name and at cad conf. panel , 'Display Configuration Log File' it says ;
deleteAnsRegistryXML SW failed, file C:Program FilesANSYS IncANSYS Studentv192commonfilesregistrywinx64appendSOLIDWORKS.Software.XML does not exist
I tried to find this 'SOLIDWORKS.Software.XML ' file but i couldnt.
so if anyone can help ill be grateful

After so many attempts as mentioned by Duncan, it worked for me. In my case winx64 file is opened with adobe reader by defaults, So if the same thing happens with you Just change opening app to your zip opener and then extract the winx64 file in required registry location.

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benna I faced the same problem but with the student's edition I'm afraid you cannot do much about it - I reached information that the student edition does not suport any CAD configuration files, hence the missing libraries are just not there.