Antec Fusion Vfd


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Value and Conclusion

Cool and Quiet OperationThe Antec Veris Fusion Black 430 features a triple chamber structure to separate heat and noise of the power supply, hard drives and motherboard. Two 120mm TriCool 3-speed fans and anti-vibration HDD silicone grommets are also featured for cooler and quieter operation. I recently got myself an Antec Fusion case (v1) with a VFD. I'm happy with most of it, except the VFD. It works very randomly and most of the times not at all. This is after suspend/hibernate. Directly after a clean boot (with PSU disconnected to discharge) it works fine. The height of 140mm is a little more than the Micro Fusion, which allows Antec to install two 120mm fans next to the CPU. The front looks similar to the Micro Fusion, with the only noteworthy. I have an Antec Fusion V2 (silver) case with the infamous VFD. I have discovered that the drivers Antec provide for the thing really do suck.

  • The Antec Fusion sells for just under 160€ or just under $170 USD. This is a very good price, considering you get a great looking case, including a VFD and Antec power supply.
  • Great price
  • Everything included - VFD & PSU
  • 430W high quality power supply
  • Solid Soundgraph VFD
  • Very unique and functional compartments
  • HDD mounts on rubber spacers
  • Solid front and build quality
  • Two 12 cm fans included
  • White Power button LED
  • Fans are loud on any setting - except 'low'
  • Installation of HDDs somewhat complicated
  • Everything is a tight fit
  • Not all CPU Coolers will fit
  • Sliding door between motherboard and PSU compartment cannot be secured with everything installed
  • No remote control/IR receiver

Antec Fusion Media Center

The Antec Fusion may not surprise you with its front looks. It does have some similarities to an A/V receiver, which makes it the perfect addition to such a setup in a living room. The case really shines once it is turned on. The VFD, solid build and white power LED are certain eye catchers. The biggest downside are the two included 12 cm fans. While it is commendable that Antec included these, they are quite loud and push immense amounts of air. It would have been wiser to include silent fans, which just simply create an air flow. The inside layout of the Antec Fusion is quite unique and does take a bit of time getting used to, but the result is a very clean motherboard compartment while the HDD area does not receive any active airflow. Speaking of hard drives - the installation is definitely not the easiest, but Antec makes up for that with rubber spacers which should absorb all the vibrations of the drives.
The Antec Fusion is a well priced, complete and beautiful case which will blend much better with your A/V rack than most other cases out there. We can definitely recommend this case, as the fans can be exchanged, the price tag is much smaller than similar offerings from other companies and it comes complete - with 430W power supply and VFD.