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Gewusste wie =)
  • This is a guide for installing and setting up Chinese QQ Account, Chinese Blade&Soul client, TGP ping booster, English patch, and important in-game settings.This guide doesn’t go over things like weapon evolves, main quest questions, etc.
  • The Signature Eastern MMORPG, Blade & Soul 1st CBT CBT - 4/27 5/1 Client download: 4/25 http://bns.plaync.co.kr/.
  • These errors, while different, are similar in nature in that something on your system or network is interfering with the connection of the launcher. First of all, please make sure that you are usin.

Hindi medium full movie download filmyzilla.com. At 18:00 Moscow time the Start of MBT (Open Beta Testing) of the BNS Arena game server is announced. Server administration is experienced people in the field of server building, we will work and develop the server as long as it is interesting to the players, and we don’t doubt the interest, because we know that BNS players have been waiting for a server with a responsive. Files to start the game. Start CBT Start CBT. Launching Bns Arena Closed Beta Testing.

Schritt #1:
Ihr ladet den CBT2 Client via Torrent runter
Sowie den Custom Client von Atomix
Schritt #2:
Warten , mach dir nen Kaffee oder sonstiges.
Schritt #3:
Alles entpacken , wie gewohnt.
Den B&S ordner könnt ihr nach C:programme verschieben , ist jedoch kein muss.

Schritt #4:

Ab hier wird es heikel da NCSoft Zeitbombem eingebaut hat , sprich>
Mach watt falsch und du kannst von vorne anfangen.
Ihr öffnet nun den Atomix Client sowie den B&S ordner (Im B&S Ordner wird verdammt nochmal nichts angeklickt )
Ihr vergnügt euch lediglich mit dem Atomix Ordner.
Dort öffnet ihr 'NCLauncher.exe'
Im geöffneten NCLauncher auf den 'Blade&Soul' eintrag oben Links klicken , und weiter zu den Einstellungen.
Dort nun die Lokation der 'Client.exe' aus dem B&S ordner definieren.
Jetzt noch Update druchrattern lassen und Daddeln

Bns Cbt Download Pc

*Short Version cuz i´m Lazy as Hell*
Step #1:
and the Custom Client by Atomix
Step 2#:
extract everthing and don´t f*cking touch anything inside of the B&S Folder.
Step #3:
Open NCLauncher.exe (Atomix folder)
Right-click on 'Blade&Soul' Top-Left > Properties > Browse client.exe (It´s inside the B&S Folder..)
Press 'Ok' , Update the shit out of it and start...congrats.

Viel Spaß , Greetings

Bns Cbt Download Torrent

DrDante (Ja mein Nick war nicht mehr Frei)

Bns Cbt Download Software

Hey there! I'm a humble gamer of B&S Russian localization
As title suggests, we in Russia have finally got a launcher in our hands (we've been launching the game through browser only as for recently) to maybe take a chance and enjoy at least some optimization options which BNSBuddy can provide. The launcher's currently in CBT* state, soon in OBT and then it'll launch some time this autumn.
As I understand it (and I'm really poor at IT stuff), without a proper launcher this hasn't been possible to do, but I can see there may be some problems with realization even with the launcher in hands (security system getting in the way and such). So here comes the question, can someone (or maybe even the creator himself?) if they feel like it look through our newly-made launcher and its files (along with game files or whatever) to say if BNSBuddy can be adapted to RU localization in some way or another? I myself and lots of others would be interested primarily in optimization options as for now we lack in such and this may help us to get (much) better gaming experience (right now it sucks in so many ways I can't even..). I mean, really We've been hoping for the launcher so long to finally try something out and this is a chance. Even if we have to wait for it long time.
If nothing can be done, it's fine. Shitty platform is shitty and it's kind of a deal-with-it situation right now anyways.
Though I haven't used BNSBuddy even once, I've heard good things of it and miracles it has done, therefore I'd like to thank you for making such a useful program
Thank you for taking your time to read this. Sorry if anything.
*Though it says CBT, I think there are some waves of invitation as I recieved one without even applying for the access to it. And it'll end in 4 weeks or so anyways as they said -- OBT incoming.