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A list of all Brawlhalla’s weapons sorted by win rate at all ranks and at Diamond. Find out the most successful weapons and their popularity.

  • The data in this article is based entirely on ranked games. There is no info on casual game modes and on the pro meta.

  • The data includes over 2 million matches played during patch 3.56. I will update this page a few times during the year to find out if the most successful weapons will remain the same or change over time.

  • The popularity stat considers both the percentage of players who used a certain weapon and the number of legends who wield it.

113k members in the Brawlhalla community. A subreddit for the 2D fighting game, Brawlhalla! Available on Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One. The Brawlhalla Tier List splits the legends in five tiers based on their success at Diamond. If you are playing for fun, go ahead and do play them otherwise it is preferred to avoid them at all cost. Nearly identical to the previous kill combo without needing to dash. This tier list is mostly based on the strength of each legend at the Diamond. Brawlhalla Legend Tier List Patch 5.00: 4 days ago: Brawlhalla - Ranked 1v1 Random to Diamond #7: 5 days ago: GOING INSANE WITH YUMIKO 2200+ RANKED 1v1: 6 days ago: Brawlhalla - Playing Free Metadev Fait! 2020-11-25: Brawlhalla - Week 11 Battle Pass Missions Guide! 2020-11-24: Brawlhalla - Playing Free Metadev Orion!

If you are looking for a new character to main at higher ranks, I recommend checking out also the Legend Tier List, which is based on data from Diamond and Platinum games.

The weapons in the table and in the list below are sorted based on their win rate at all ranks.

Rocket Lance2.60%51.87%


  • Each legend in Brawlhalla has two weapons, so even if they win a match mostly thanks to a specific weapon, the win rate of their other weapon is also influenced.

  • Weapons used by a low number of characters - such as Cannon - can’t provide very reliable statistics.

  • Ultimately, the win rate of a weapon is not the best tool to determine who are the best legends, but it still helps.

I read complaints about basically any weapon, and some in particular (such as Axe) are considered overpowered, but the data in this article shows that the win rate of each weapon is not that different: we talk about 2-3 percentage points.

On average - considering the weapons with the highest and lowest win rates - a Rocket Lance player wins 52 games out of 100, while a Scythe one “only” 48 out of 100.

All Ranks vs Diamond win rate

Below, I have compared the results of each weapon between All Ranks and Diamond.

Rocket Lance

  • Popularity: 2.60%

  • Win rate: 51.87%

  • Legends: Ulgrim, Lord Vraxx, Vector, Scarlet, Artemis, Orion, Sir Roland


  • Popularity: 2.18%

  • Win rate: 51.66%

  • Legends: Barraza, Azoth, Xull, Rayman, Teros, Ragnir, Ulgrim, Volkov, Brynn, Jhala


  • Popularity: 2.46%

  • Win rate: 51.43%

  • Legends: Teros, Cassidy, Yumiko, Kor, Sentinel, Scarlet, Thor, Gnash, Bodvar

Rocket Lance, Axe, and Hammer are undoubtedly the best weapons in Brawlhalla because they keep the top 3 also at Diamond with a win rate of 50.85%, 50.84%, and 50.35%, respectively.

Both Hammer and Axe can inflict a huge amount of damage, but the latter is quicker and easier to use. Surface pro cover not working.

I believe that Rocket Lance is a balanced weapon, but it dominates at Gold and Platinum because of the mistakes players commit when fighting a Lance player.

Generally, Rocket Lance is very easy to read and punish:

  • Most of its hitboxes are linear and with a long reach. You should predict its landing spot, dodge it when possible, and start a long combo.

  • It lacks any kind of defense from above. Exploit this weakness as much as possible.


  • Popularity: 1.98%

  • Win rate: 50.15%

  • Legends: Brynn, Ada, Kaya, Wu Shang, Gnash, Queen Nai, Orion, Dusk, Mirage, Hattori


  • Popularity: 1.57%

  • Win rate: 50.05%

  • Legends: Xull, Isaiah, Lin Fei, Sidra


  • Popularity: 1.61%

  • Win rate: 49.90%

  • Legends: Azoth, Diana, Zariel, Yumiko, Ember, Vector, Kaya, Koji

Spear and Bow have a similar win rate also at Diamond (49.89% and 49.72%), while Cannon loses two positions and its win rate goes down to 49.82%.

Cannon has a high damage and is pretty fast, but it is a rather difficult weapon to learn because it requires a great use of combos, and many players just can’t get used to the movements caused by most of its attacks.


  • Popularity: 1.39%

  • Win rate: 49.83%

  • Legends: Ragnir, Lucien, Ember, Lin Fei, Caspian, Sentinel, Queen Nai, Asuri


Brawlhalla Best Legend 2017

  • Popularity: 1.71%

  • Win rate: 49.31%

  • Legends: Jhala, Thatch, Koji, Sidra, Val, Bodvar, Asuri, Sir Roland, Jiro, Hattori

Overall, Katars and Sword have an average placement in this list, but they are ranked a lot higher at Diamond (4th and 6th spot with 50.04% and 50.00% win rate).

They are a perfect example to show how weapons with a high skill cap require a veteran to produce the best results. Instead, an easier weapon to use (like Axe) is able to get a solid win rate even in the hands of a less-experienced user.

Brawlhalla legend tier list maker

Another critical issue is learning how to fight against a certain weapon. Axe is amazing versus rookies because of its huge hitbox: often, they do not know how to react and avoid it.


  • Popularity: 1.61%

  • Win rate: 49.14%

  • Legends: Petra, Thor, Fait, Dusk


  • Popularity: 1.97%

  • Win rate: 49.10%

  • Legends: Barraza, Diana, Isaiah, Cross, Cassidy, Lucien, Lord Vraxx, Nyx, Ada, Thatch


  • Popularity: 2.26%

  • Win rate: 49.06%

  • Legends: Rayman, Cross, Zariel, Kor, Caspian, Petra, Mordex, Wu Shang, Val

Orb, Blasters, Gauntlets, and Scythe are the weapons with the worst win rate also at Diamond (from 49.49% downwards).

Gauntlets are high risk/reward weapons, and their strength mostly depends on the matchup because they do not work well versus long-range weapons (which are now at the top of this list).

Blasters can adapt well to many fights, but at the same time they excel at nothing. They require a lot of work to be mastered, which may be one of the reasons behind their lower popularity.

Kottai mariamman songs free download. Orb is a fast but low damage weapon. It is perfect to kill people who use Bow, and with an adequate amount of training you will be able to avoid most attacks.


  • Popularity: 3.46%

  • Win rate: 48.03%

  • Legends: Volkov, Nix, Mordex, Artemis, Fait, Mirage, Jiro


At the very bottom, we find Scythe. I want to point out that its win rate increases at higher ranks, reaching 49.23% at Diamond.

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Vincenzo 'Skulz' Milella

Vincenzo is an esports writer with seven years of experience. Former head editor for Natus Vincere, he has produced content for DreamHack, FACEIT, DOTAFire, 2P, and more. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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Brawlhalla Legend Tier List 2019

  • Winrate

  • HighestLowest
    Scarlet 56.96%Lin Fei 45.82%
    Ulgrim 56.8%Jiro 46.75%
    Teros 56.78%Isaiah 48.67%
    Orion 56.13%Koji 49.82%
    Sir Roland 55.84%Bödvar 49.94%
  • Playrate

  • HighestLowest
    Mirage 1.53%Mako 0.17%
    Mordex 1.49%Jaeyun 0.28%
    Val 1.46%Onyx 0.34%
    Orion 1.45%Vector 0.39%
    Queen Nai 1.44%Volkov 0.45%
  • Weekly legends winrate changes

  • Most ImprovedLeast Improved
    Caspian 0.08%Jaeyun -0.22%
    Sir Roland 0.07%Mako -0.21%
    Dusk 0.06%Bödvar -0.14%
    Yumiko 0.06%Fait -0.10%
    Petra 0.06%Gnash -0.09%

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