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  • My Cartwall works with any modern web browser, on Windows, macOS and Linux. My Cartwall is a grid of audio players (or carts) available at your fingertips to play instantly with a single click or tap.
  • Here you’ll find software that is useful in the radio studio, production booth, theatre, sports-ground, or just at home managing a music collection. Solutions include: a jingle/sound-effects (DAC Cartwall) application, broadcast audio logger (SureLog), a studio clock/status display (StudioScreen), split advert/jingle playout (AdSplits), even.
  • PlayIt Cartwall will not only let you add multiple pages but it will let you rename pages, rearrange their order and delete them if you so desire. Jingle Palette does not have that ability, at least if it does I have not been tech savvy enough to figure out how to do so.

Hi All, I am an avid user of PlayIt Cartwall, and have started to use it more and more as my sound effect collection grows ever larger. I use keyboard shortcuts to play out certain tracks, and to switch cartwall pages, and recently I am noticing that after a couple of minutes, the shortcuts stop working. I was wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong, or if it is a problem for anyone else. Despite leaps and bounds in all sorts of other areas, radio software is one area where there are so few open source efforts. To be honest, it’s a little sad. While we have multitudes of mature open source systems for your CMS, CRM, Web Browsing, eCommerce, Email Clients, Word Processing, Servers, and Operating Systems – there are few for radio.

uCart is a free application for playout of jingles, sound-effects and other audio in a radio broadcast environment. It mimics a traditional NAB cart machine but without the wow/flutter and re-cue time! Loading a slot can be done by dragging a file from Windows’ Explorer or the built-in File Browser. Slots can be ejected after playback if desired. Sequencing of slots is also possible – Enabling you to fire up to 6 carts in sequence with just 1 click. Remote-start via joystick is also supported.

  • Multiple Outputs
    Assign each slot to different soundcards
  • Auto Sequence of Slots [blue button]
    Audio-based segue of each slot for perfect overlaps
  • Eject or Recue Mode
    Cart slots can be ejected or re-cued after playback
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop
    Use the supplied File Browser or drop files from any Explorer window
  • Remote-Start
    Joystick remote-start. Buttons 1-6 start the players.

A File Browser with 8 preset “Cart Racks” allows you to easily move between your favourite folders of audio/jingles. When loading WAV files, the CartChunk information is read (Artist/Title, CutID, Outcue, Start+End Date, Category) and MP3 files have their ID3v2 tags (Artist/Title, Year, Genre) read. The duration of the file is also shown.

But… fancy something a little bit extra…? Get a 3x Triple-Stack set of Cart Slots upon payment of a one-time £10 donation.

Features as above but also:

  • 9 Cart Slots
    Can be started via F1-F9 or using any joystick interface
  • Auto Sequence of Slots [blue button]
    Audio-based segue of each slot for perfect overlaps
  • Auto-Fade [yellow button]
    Decks can fade when the next slot is started – Great for bed+tags
  • Re-sizable Window
    Useful for most screen-resolutions

Cartwall Software

  • Built-In File Browser/Cart Rack
    The bottom-half of the window includes a simple drive/folder/files browser and 16 “favourite” cart-rack folders
  • CartChunk and ID3 Tag Support
    Reads broadcast-standard WAV CartChunk as well as “domestic” ID3v2 tags on MP3 files

The layout shown above is NOT available unless you purchase a one-time activation key from me. Audi map update 2018.

Cartwall Software Mac

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Installing plugins

Donnie DaSilva

Hi allI'm new hereI use the Playit Cartwall and decided to get the internry broadcast and microphone mixer plugins for my podcast. How do I install these plugins??
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Gavin Harper

If you go to plugin in playitlive - Plugin manager then file and install from the file after you have downloaded, the plugin it automatically installs.

Jason Allen

It's worth pointing out here that, as already mentioned on the plugin page, plugins are only compatible with PlayIt Live and not PlayIt Cartwall.

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