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How to Disable Press Home to Unlock on iOS 13.5 running on iPhone or iPad If you’ve tried iOS 13.5 or purchased brand new iPhone 7 with running on iOS 13.5, you may have already noticed missing feature “Slide to Unlock”. Instead of Slide to Unlock, you may have noticed “Press Home to Unlock”. We published a tutorial on how to get the regular Slide to Unlock function back in iOS 10. Now, we want to help you change the custom text on the lock screen of your iOS 10. If you ever felt like changing the “Press Home to Unlock” text to a custom message, here is how you would do it. How to Edit Lock Screen Text in iOS 10.

A YouTuber named Billy Ellis discovered a way to restore the Slide to Unlock on iOS 10 without jailbreak. This method involves a utility called iBackupBot and modifying your internal files. I’ll briefly go through the plan: Download and Install iBackupBot on your. Like android users who are familiar with a lock screen that requires them to move or slide the entire screen to unlock their device such a lock screen is possible on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.Here is small tweak, “Move LockScreen to Unlock” available as Cydia app.This app allows you to hide slide to unlock slider & you can unlock your iPhone by just sliding lock screen which makes the.

I’ve had my iPad mini for two weeks now. I am having an issue with the lock screen. My iPad won’t unlock when I try to slide the unlock bar. I have done a hard reset but it does not help and my iPad is frozen completely. Anyone has the same experience as mine and help me out there? Thank you iPad lovers!

We have been asked this question many times recently. It’s not an uncommon issue that the slide to unlock feature does not work on iPad or iPhone. People who use iPad/iPhone like the users of all other smartphones and tablets, take the risk of suffering tons of different problems.

One of the most common problems they faced is one where the iPad locked up and wouldn't slide to unlock. What reasons that cause the iPad does not respond to unlock? Even after a hard restart, iPad freezes on the lock screen still.

    Guide List

1. Reasons for Unresponsive Lock Screen of iPad

In fact, many reasons can cause an unresponsive lock screen of iPad. Check below details and each solution against them.

Reason 1

After leaving your iPad locked for an extended period, you may find that the swipe to unlock function doesn’t work as expected.

Reason 2

It may happen if it is not the lastest iOS running on your iPad somehow.

Reason 3

If your iPad screen has debris or dirt on it, it will sometimes make your multi-touch screen stop working correctly.

2. How to Fix Lock Screen of iPad

1. Reboot iPad

In some cases, you can try to force a shut down by pressing and holding both the Home and Power buttons at least 10 seconds until the iPad is turned off. After that, press the Power button to turn it on and try to unlock the lock screen again.

If you are using other devices, you can learn how to restart an iOS device.

iPad Pro: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button, and then the Volume Down button. And then press and hold the Power button until it retarts.

iPhone 8 and later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button, and then the Volume Down button. And then press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the Power and Volume Down buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press and hold both the Home and the Power buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

2. Update iPhone with iTunes

Updating the iOS software simply by connecting deivce to computer with iTunes and if there is an update, please update your device.

Choose device icon > Summary > Update after connected.

Confirm in the pop-up windows and wait.

You can also try to connect your iPad with iTunes and then restore from iTunes backup file. Or restore iPad from an iCloud backup if you have a backup file after that. Please remember to back up your device before restoring.

3. Restore iPhone to Fix iPad Unlock Not Working

Restore iPhone is one of the proven ways to fix iPhone issues, but it can remove all data on iOS device. You should backup data before restoration.

There are different methods to restore iPhone, please check below demonstrations.

Option 1. Using iTunes

Launch the latest iTunes on computer, and then connect iPhone to computer with USb cable.

Click device icon >Summary >Restore iPhone.

Confirm the restoration and follow the instruction to complete it.

Option 2. Using iCloud

Login iCloud account on iCloud.com webpage.

Select Find iPhone and choose the device you want to restore.

Click Erase iPhone.

4. Fix iPad Unlock Not Working with FoneLab


If the above solutions can’t help you solve the problem, I highly recommend you to apply a third-party tool, FoneLab iOS System Recovery, which can fix with various iOS system issues.

For instance, iPad/iPhone/iPod can’t get out of recovery mode or DFU mode, the iOS device won’t slide to unlock or slide to power off, iPod/iPhone/iPad white sceen, red screen or black screen, etc.

More importantly, this software only fixes problem in order to bring your iOS device back to normal, no data loss at all during the whole recovery procedure.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery

FoneLab enables you to fix iPhone/iPad/iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. to normal state without data loss.

  • Fix disabled iOS system problems.
  • Extract data from disabled iOS devices without data loss.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

This software works for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and it provides both Windows and Mac versions. Choose the right link above to download and install the FoneLab iOS System Recovery program on your computer. Launch it once finished and connect your iPad to the computer with USB cable.

Choose iOS System Recovery on the right-hand side of the interface.

The software will automatically detect your device in an abnormal state. Click the Start button to begin the repair process.

The software will ask you to check the information of the detected device. Make sure the information is correct and click Repair to start the fixing process. It will take some time to download the plug-in, please do not disconnect or operate your device during the process.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery is easy to use for fresh hands. Intuitive interface, simple but very clear step-by-step guide, makes users can do it all by themselves.

Besides, this software not only can fix the unlocking problem, but also when your iPod stucks in recovery mode, iPhone stucks in DFU mode, iPad stucks on Apple screen, iPad white screen or is in the loop of restarting and other abnormal situations, the software can help you repair it to normal.

Once you lose your important data accidentally, don't worry, FoneLab for iOS can help you out. It is a powerful iPhone data recovery tool which is able to recover WhatsApp messages and other files like notes, reminders, contacts, call logs, and so on.

If you just forgot iPad passcode, you can try iOS Unlocker to unlock iPad without passcode.

FoneLab iOS Unlocker

FoneLab Helps you unlock iPhone screen, Removes Apple ID or its password, Remove screen time or restriction passcode in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Removes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove screen time or restriction passcode in seconds.

5. Clean Screen

You can clean your screen and try again afterward in this situation.

Tha's all about how to fix iPad can't slide to unlock. If you have more questions about it, please leave comments below.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery

FoneLab enables you to fix iPhone/iPad/iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. to normal state without data loss.

  • Fix disabled iOS system problems.
  • Extract data from disabled iOS devices without data loss.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

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iOS 10 brings a completely revamped unlock system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The aging “Slide to Unlock” feature has been replaced with “Press Home to Unlock”.

This move is aimed at integrating TouchID and making the unlock process more user-friendly. However, some of us still like the older “Slide to Unlock” gesture better and much more practical.

Office 365 pro plus download. Thanks to developer ARX8X, we can enjoy this feature on our jailbroken device.

Cydia Disable Slide To Unlock

SlideToUnlock10 adds Slide to Unlock feature to iOS 10 devices. It is compatible with LockHTML and does not break TouchID. All this tweak does is replace the Today view with the passcode screen.

It is much better than using than the broken Legacy Slide to Unlock Cydia tweak. Now onto the tutorial.

Step 1 Open Cydia.

Step 2 Go to Sources tab and add this source – https://fidele007.github.io

Tweak Slide To Unlock Ios 13

Step 3 Go to the Search tab and search for SlideToUnlock10.

Step 4 Select Install and Confirm the installation.

Step 5 Press the Restart Springboard button.

That’s all there’s to it. Slide to Unlock feature will now be added to your device.

Remember, SlideToUnlock10 Cydia tweak relies on Today view to function properly. Disabling Today View will break the functionality of this tweak.

SlideToUnlock10 is available for download on https://fidele007.github.io for free. It is compatible with iOS 10.

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