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SMART DIGITAL PRESS is a leading provider of PHOTO ALBUM PRODUCTS in India. We have started our operations in 2014 with the CMYK offset photobook. With our customized solutions, we have fulfilled the dreams of our customers all over India as well as abroad. A Photo Book is the best way to celebrate birthdays, new babies, weddings, wedding anniversaries, family reunions, graduations and more. It is very affordable method of capturing your memories that can save you hundreds of dollars. GET IN TOUCH CORPORATE OFFICE 'SMART DIGITAL PRESS' 1st Floor, Shreedhar Complex, Nr. Shreedhar Petrol Pump, Opp. Jain Temple, L.H. Road, Surat-395006 (Gujarat) INDIA. Ph: 02 / 0 / 70 www: smartphotobooks.com.

High-quality digital cameras are now in widespread use and most people can get into photography inexpensively. Still, photography is a difficult skill to learn on your own. It can take years of practice and costly training for people to learn photography. Not many people have that much time or money to spare for what is probably only a hobby. A quick and easy way to improve photography skills is to use e-books. Fortunately, there are plenty of free e-books available on the internet. Here some of the best e-books available at no cost.

The Professional Portrait Photographers Collective Vol. 1

The book features in-depth interviews with ten professional photographers. It aims to teach readers by analyzing the careers and experiences of these photographers. It specializes in portrait photography, but anyone can use it to improve photography skills. The book includes interviews from Brian Higbee, Anna Wolf, and Kristina Loggia, who are some of the most established portrait photojournalists. George Elder is an expert street photographer who can introduce you to a new type of photography and help you take the first steps in understanding it. These photographers help you learn from art and history. They also explain how they get inspiration for their pictures. The book also includes conversations Jaime Diamond, Ben Zucker, and Erik Madigan Heck. Day 19 Photography is also a part of the book and they are skilled adventure photographers who have worked with Nike and Rockstar Games. Overall the book is highly recommended.

Street Faces: How To Shoot Street Photography Portraiture

This is a short book but it features a full guide for beginners who want to get into street photography. The book is also great for seasoned photographers who are looking for something quick to read which is insightful. It answers many questions that are frequently asked by beginners and is a must have for anyone serious about street photography. Street photography is troublesome to master and care must be taken in order to avoid offending anyone. This ebook teaches these basic skills and much more. The book is written by Thomas Leuthrad. He is an expert street photographer and has taught the subject for a long time. This means that while the book is brief, it delivers a better learning experience than many other books.

Alister Benn’s Introduction To Night Photography Ideas

You may have the perfect opportunity for a photo at night, but the low light environment is difficult to deal with and pictures may come out noisy or grainy. This is an issue every night photographer faces. The problem seems daunting at first but with the right kind of help, you can become much better at it. Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography Ideas is exactly that. The book is available for free and features instructions and tips for what is needed to take good photographs at night time. The ebook outlines the equipment needed and how to set it up. It also details common night photography techniques regarding ISO settings and high exposure times. It also outlines great ideas for photos and is overall a great book for improving photography skills. The book does all this and more in just 28 pages. Highly recommended!

Beautiful Macro Photography Techniques eBook

Macro Photography can yield great results and amazing photos but without the specific techniques and tools used by professionals, the results are mediocre at best. Taking a picture of something so small is a tough ask. Beautiful Macro Photography Techniques is a free photography ebook which consists of a step-by-step tutorial of taking macro photographs. The book explains the author’s choice of lens and focuses on the fundamentals but it also features advanced principles such as gear and focuses stacking. Photographer Michael Erlewine has written the book and the book can help capture fantastic shots with simplicity and effortlessness.




8 Types Of Natural Light eBook By Anne McKinnell

For budding photographers, knowing your setting and surroundings is absolutely essential. This includes the types of lighting. While natural light is a type of its own, expert photographers will tell you that there are many kinds of natural light. This can drastically affect your photographs and know your stuff can give you the edge. 8 Types of Natural Light eBook by Anne McKinnell is a great ebook in this regard. The book helps you harness the natural light to its full potential and learn techniques that increase the quality of shots. The writer has many years of experience in photography and the book has received great reviews. For outdoor photography and natural light photography, this book is indispensable.

Ebook Smartphotobook Introduction

If you have a passion for taking pictures and want to become a bit more serious, these books will be great for you. With the help of these books, you can improve photography skills and master new genres of photography. New techniques and tips from experts can give you a great boost and help you capture stunning and elegant images.

Note: This guest post was contributed to Pixpa blog by the team at Photowoha.

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Smart Photo Book

First time in India, Smartbook launch a fully open able photobook, with indigo 7 colours printing and good quality of binding with v-cut technology. Smartbook provide 18 type of paper variant.

These exclusive, elegant and enamoring photo books are customizable to suit your needs. They are available in different cover pad options, paper textures, sizes and many more features. Our photos books are comparatively light in weight, come with an easy to carry case and can be printed up to 120 pages

Choose printing type like basic or vibrant colors, choose from the vast range of paper, sizes, & cover pad and leave the rest on us. We ensure that you get the best collection of memories. Whether your theme is wedding, engagement, pre-wedding or kids, Smart has got you sorted.


8 x 12 / 10 x 14 / 12 x 15 / 12 x 18 landscape size , 12 x 8 / 14 x 10 / 15 x 12 / 18 x 12 portrait size, 8 x 8 / 10 x 10 / 12 x 12 square sizeu00a0 we are made all size and other Custom sizes are available.</span></p>','tablet':'




8 x 12 / 10 x 14 / 12 x 15 / 12 x 18 landscape size , 12 x 8 / 14 x 10 / 15 x 12 / 18 x 12 portrait size, 8 x 8 / 10 x 10 / 12 x 12 square size we are made all size and other Custom sizes are available.

Paper Type

  • Regular (UV) Glossy & Matt
  • HD Glossy & Matt (Thermal)
  • Natural
  • Silk (UV)
  • E Photo
  • Photomatt / Photomatt Thick (Thermal)
  • NT Slim Glossy & Matt (Thermal)
  • NT Thick Glossy & Matt (Thermal)
  • Crystal NT Metallic (Glossy Thermal)
  • Silver NT Metallic (Matt Thermal)
  • S-Metalik (Glossy Thermal)
  • Premium Metallic (Matt Thermal)
  • Two Tone NT Metallic (Glossy/Matt)
  • Pearl Metallic – (Photomatt Thermal)

Binding Type

  • Flushmount
  • Absolute Layflat
  • Contentious Layflat

There are many products to make the photobook more attractive and durable including our large range of leather covers. We also provide a good strong printed box with Vibrant Color’s photobook to make it more beautiful. We have created a very technically designed bag so that every customer does not have to worry about carrying a Vibrant Color photobook. We have designed a special photobook bag, cover and box for you to suit any occasion like wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, etc.

Alligator Plus

Bellevino Plus


Eco Matel

Full Acrylic

Luxury Linen



Traffic Print


White Magic

Window Combo

Woody Plus


We will make a photobook of every size for you keeping in mind your every need. Now you can Create Vibrant Color Photobook in India, any size like portrait, landcape or square and in your favorite paper. More customer want bigbook, Mini-book, Canendar and Amateur theme book different size we are giving all your requirement. Contact our customer service for more information.

Mega Photo Book

Mini Book

Big Book


Amateur Theme Book




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