Firefox Memory Leak


Kelvin Au's Blog Post. I have been planning to write more articles, but in last few months I was quite busy on working for the project 1000class.com, which is a platform that helps students in California to find all the transferable courses with continuous up-to-date data from 100+ colleges.The project is quite stable now and I have more time to write more articles (there is a list of items I. How To Fix a Memory Leak In Mozilla Firefox Posted by: Sarah Clements on February 23, 2015 in Help/FAQ, Technology Leave a comment 3,111 views 0 Accounting for 23.6% of all Internet traffic in December 2014, Mozilla Firefox is the world’s second most popular web browser ( source ).


Some of you will love this, and some of you are going to flame me. I don’t care about the haters though. Even though a fellow TYPO3 developer friend pointed out regarding my solution, “There has to be a better way. There probably is”, I’m posting this as a help to all the Firefox users of the world who are sick to death of the phantom Firefox memory leaks.

We all know Firefox leaks memory for one reason or another. It’s been years. Plugins have come and gone and Firefox just leaks all the time. Period. What to do?

It’s time to hit Firefox with a sledgehammer. Like a boss.

This requires just the slightest bit of Mac OS savvy, but not much, or else I couldn’t have done it. Windows is a bit easier, but I’ll post the Mac version first and follow up next week with the Windows solution. The longest journey demo.

The solution is to simply kill and restart Firefox as quickly as possible. Boom. Done. Firefox goes from sappy to snappy in about 1 second. Firefox tries to restore you tabs when it “crashes” so you should be good. On the Mac, you might get the “restore” or “new session” buttons. On the PC, for me at least, it comes right back up without the question.

Firefox Memory Leak

This has been tested on Firefox 3.x, 4, and now 5 on both Mac and PC. Your mileage may vary.

Make sure you aren’t composing an email in a webmail interface or anything before you test this!

But wait! Am I really sure Firefox has a memory leak? I present my anecdotal evidence:

How to kill and restart Firefox on a Mac in 1 second

  • Create a text file, like “killFirefox.txt” somewhere on your Mac.
  • After saving it as a .txt file, change it to “killFirefox.command”
  • Paste this into it:
  • Now open Terminal and navigate to wherever you saved the file. You’ll have to Google how to use Terminal commands, or get an “open terminal here” plugin for Finder (like I have)
  • Once you are in the directory where “killFirefox.command” is, run the following command to make your .command file executable. This means that after you do this, you’ll be able to double-click “killFirefox.command” and the script will run:
  • Now go back to Finder or wherever you saved the file, and drag it to the RIGHT side of the “dashed line” on your dock if you want one-click access to the process:
  • Try it!
  • Happy Firefox rebooting! Goodbye slow and sappy Firefox—until a real solution is in place!

You may have to alter the “sleep 1” to something longer, like 2 or 3 seconds if your Mac is too slow. You may also have to put in a different path, but I’m no terminal expert. Also, to set the Terminal window to close after the process finishes, you’ll have to edit the preferences like this: Terminal > Preferences > Settings > When the shell exits = Close the window

How to kill and restart Firefox on a PC in 1 second

  • Create a file, like “killfirefox.txt” on your desktop or somewhere handy
  • Paste this into it:
  • You’ll want to make sure you put in your user account name in the path, and delete the “Your User…” holder text
  • Your path to firefox.exe, as listed above, might also be in a different place. You’ll have to find it and confirm.
  • Rename the file extension from “.txt” to “.bat”
  • Double click your new .bat file and voila!
  • Make a shortcut and drag to your quick links bar, or some other handy place

So you have a better way to do this?

Save your negative comments for the comments section on msnbc.com. In the meantime, post instructions on a better way. For example, how to do this in AppleScript so you end up with a real “app” you can put in the Dock in a nice way.

Any other thoughts? Let’s here them!

Hello fellow Firefox users!

For most of us, Firefox suffers from an insane memory leak, this can cause slow-down, and maybe even crashes. This happens mainly because when you close tabs, the RAM they took is still taxing your computer. That among other things cause this annoying leakage.

-SOLUTION-I recently switched to Firefox, and has this leak. I would not put up with it, so I set out for solutions. Here is what I came up with.

Some add-ons I've handpicked, that when combined, are extremely effective.

Firefox Memory Leak 2020



MemoryRestart 1.1https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/memory-restart/?src=ss

Firefox memory leak facebook

Firefox Memory Leak Mac

-ALSO-Firefox acting slow? Try these great add-ons!

SpeedFox 0.9.11https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/speedfox/?src=search


Get all of those together, and make a leak free, and faster Firefox!