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1 Year Ford VCM 2 IDS Software Full Access License. Watch as we go throgh the process for installing and setting Up FJDS Ford authorized module programming software for use with a J2534 device Want a ToolHutUS. In my case, FJDS wont even open pop up for LSID credentials. I am also trying to use a used PCM, but when parameter reset failed, I re-installed original PCM and same result. My next move is to use another PC, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to try it, reason being that there is supposed to be another update to FJDS around the 15th, and I.

Ford Diagnostic & Repair System (FDRS) - The next generation dealer diagnostic software. The factory Ford Motor Company vehicle diagnostic Software designed for use with Ford VCM II, VCMM and J2534 compatible Interfaces. FDRS provides complete dealership level vehicle diagnostic coverage for 2018 and forward vehicles. FDRS provides superior capabilities, is more user-friendly and provides more diagnostic tools than IDS. Flyboard zapata prix. A software license is required to use IDS/FDRS software with a VCM, VCM II, or VCMM or FJDS/FDRS software with a VCM II or J2534 compatible device.

This vehicle was brought from another shop that replaced the back up camera. They said it needed a flash for camera to work. Did some research and it appears it should need a lin module initialization after replacement. Using FJDS and snapon pass through pro 3 it continues to fail the procedure. FJDS is at the most current update. Wondering if there's bugs in the software or if I'm. The license renewal process consists of two steps: In the IDS Software License Account. Create a new 20-digit renewal activation code. In IDS - Activate the new 20-digit renewal activation code in IDS.

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Went to program, configure and align a cruise control module on the above vehicle.

This is an FDRS vehicle, not IDS.

I performed PMI, programmable module installation at which point it said the module was successfully installed however configuration data could not be written to this module.

Fjds software license

So, I went under module configuration for the cruise control module and that failed.

I went to do a dynamic cruise alignment and I got the below listed message.

I've never had this problem. I am going back tomorrow to try to pull out of the old module and put into the new.

Anyone come across this before?

I recently heard newer cruise control sensors on fords need a NASTF license for replacement. Not sure of the exactly replacement procedure though.

Hmm. That could be. I have NASTF LSID, however I saw no provisions to enter credentials.

I just got a call from a local Raleigh shop with a 2017 Mustang. They programmed their cruise control module with an IDS, had a successful report from that and calibrated the radar per SI. IDS said successful but on the test drive it failed. DTCs indicated that the module was not configured. The fix was to pull in as-built data. Starting in about 2016 Ford started requiring LSID / VSP numbers…

Apologies, I have no direct feedback on this specific issue, but perhaps a question/note about my first 6 months reviewing threads on this forum. As i think about the challenges Dean is having with this vehicle (and certainly not just Dean and certainly not just this issue) , profitability and time efficiency come to mind. I recently struggled with an FJDS 'blue screen' (not bsod) during the…

Randall you are exactly right! I run into this all the time with programming (bad reman modules, bad dealer modules, software decides today it's not working, login issues, LSID issues, etc.) no one ever wants to pay for the time. It's always 'sorry for your troubles'. I spent 3 says with Chrysler over a login issue. They refunded the subscription costs, but nothing for the time spent on the…

What do you mean by “this is an FDRS vehicle, not IDS” ?

Starting in 18 for expedition and navigator ids is no longer used. more models added each year as IDS is phased out for newer vehicles.

Have you tried PMI from the original module?

Ford Ids Software

Chris, I was hoping the shop would have kept the original module, however they did not. I'm returning in a little bit to give it another try I'll let you know how I make out.

Hi Dean!!this module requires security login in order to perform programming and calibration, I did one of this a while back on a Ford F-150. Ones you do the security, then it will allow you to do the settings.you will also have to drive this vehicle for the calibration.good luck!!

Oscar, Where do I sign in for security login? Do I use NASTF credentials?

Sorry for the late response, yes use the NASTF credentials

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Dean have You figured out where to enter the credentials ??im running through the same issue with a 2019 explorer PMI gives me an error message with programming configuration and alignment

Fjds Software Update

Mat, Yes! When you go into the CCM, one of the tabs is labeled PATS. Login under that tab. It will walk you thru the rest. If you get stuck, you more then welcome to call me …