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the ending is so very bittersweet. it reminded me of those old forgotten days when the blacks and the whites were forbidden to marry each other. but they still hold on to their feelings. in fact i think this manga is kinda allegory of the slave days where the blacks dont have citizenship and called the whites 'master'.
but this manga skirt around the problems and only touching on them lightly, making this manga fun and comedic. to me its a great thing because there are loads of slave manga out there and they are all super depressing, so its good to find one that is just light.
though i do love this manga, at first it is quite hard for me to read it because i have innate sense that slavery is wrong and animal cruelty is wrong, but at the end i do understand the mangaka want to show a 'bleak' world, but still retain light atmosphere so the readers can make their own judgement and conclusion so the message are more felt.
in the end, your knee jerk reaction on male tsundere will determine how low or high you will rate this manga.

Ichirou Tachibana(橘 壱郎,Tachibana Ichirō?) is the main protagonist of Shin Gamera and many of its sequels and a supporting character of several movies, as well as one of the leading characters and arguably the main protagonist of the Mahou Kaiju Series. He is the Supreme Commander of the Justice Alliance, a massive organization of superheroes tasked to enforce justice and protect the. About Mahou-X We're a group that scanlates Yankee-kun & Megane-chan and Yamada and the Seven Witches by Yoshikawa Miki. We kinda like her work. Over the top soundtrack mp3 free download music. Come join us for even more fun!

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Mahou Shoujo Neko X
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  • 魔法少女猫X

Mahou X Shounen X Days Drama Cd

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In a world where humans co-exist with Juujin (literally: 'beastmen'), genetically mutated animals that have remarkably human-like features with the exceptions of extremities such as tails and ears, Juujin are often found as laborers in the work force or raised in households as pets. That is until a new kind of Juujin appears-- Evolutions, EVOs for short. These Juujin have special magic-like powers that they are using against the human race.
Peke, one such EVO, has been raised with her master Yamato Yamamoto. Yamato's mother works for the Health Care Center-- the only agency with jurisdiction over the Juujin, and has developed a special collar that can seal the EVOs' powers. Having used this collar to control Peke's own powers from going berserk, Peke must now release this power to fight and capture the rampaging EVOs to save humanity and to win her master's love.
  • Volume 0/2
  • Chapter 0/9

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