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The fourth Year,seventh semester Anna University notes for

ME2402 computer integrated manufacturing 2013 ME2402 CIM 2013 syllabus 2013. Posted by Dominic Toretto at 10:12. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to. Product Code: ME2402 Jump in! Free password hacker software download. Our Cheska Black Frill Pinafore Jumpsuit features frill detailing, pinafore style and skinny leg jumpsuit. Style your way!! Computer Integrated Manufacturing System of ME2402 covers the latest syllabus prescribed by Anna University, Tamil Nadu for regulation 2008. Author: uLektz, Published by uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Subject Code : ME2402 ) is made available here in PDF formats for you to download.Free lecture notes PDF for CIM subject (CIM 2 mark,16 mark with answers,CIM Part-A,Part-B question answers in Units 1,2,3,4 & 5 i.e., Computer Aided Design, Components Of Cim , Group Technology And Computer Aided Process Planning, Shop Floor Control And Introduction To Fms , Computer Aided Planning And Control And Computer Monitoring of ME2402) following Anna Univ. Regulation 2008 syllabus is linked in this page.
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Subject nameComputer Integrated Manufacturing (ME2402)
File typeNotes
File size0.5 Mb
RegulationRegulation 2008
Semesterseventh semester,fourth Year
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3 0 0 3 OBJECTIVE:
  • This course will enable the student
  • To gain knowledge about the basic fundamental of CAD.
  • To gain knowledge on how computers are integrated at various levels of planning
and manufacturing understand computer aided planning and control and computer

Concept of CAD as drafting and designing facility, desirable features of CAD package,
drawing features in CAD – Scaling, rotation, translation, editing, dimensioning, labeling,
Zoom, pan, redraw and regenerate, typical CAD command structure, wire frame
modeling, surface modeling and solid modeling (concepts only) in relation to popular

CIM as a concept and a technology, CASA/Sme model of CIM, CIM II, benefits of CIM,
communication matrix in CIM, fundamentals of computer communication in CIM – CIM
data transmission methods – seriel, parallel, asynchronous, synchronous, modulation,
demodulation, simplex and duplex. Types of communication in CIM – point to point
(PTP), star and multiplexing. Computer networking in CIM – the seven layer OSI model,
LAN model, MAP model, network topologies – star, ring and bus, advantages of
History Of Group Technology – role of G.T in CAD/CAM Integration – part familiesclassification
and coding – DCLASS and MCLASS and OPTIZ coding systems – facility
design using G.T – benefits of G.T – cellular manufacturing.Process planning - role of
process planning in CAD/CAM Integration – approaches to computer aided process
planning – variant approach and generative approaches – CAPP and CMPP systems.
shop floor control – phases – factory data collection system – automatic identification
methods – Bar code technology – automated data collection system.
FMS – components of FMS – types – FMS workstation – material handling and storage
system –FMS layout- computer control systems – applications and benefits.
Production planning and control – cost planning and control – inventory management –
material requirements planning (MRP) – shop floor control. Lean and Agile
Manufacturing. Types of production monitoring systems – structure model of
manufacturing – process control and strategies – direct digital control.

Me2402 Unit 5 Notes

1. Mikell. P. Groover “Automation, Production Systems and Computer Integrated
1. Mikell. P. Groover and Emory Zimmers Jr.,“CAD/CAM”, Prentice hall of India Pvt.
2. James A. Regh and Henry W. Kreabber, “Computer Integrated Manufacturing”,
3. Chris McMahon and Jimmie Browne, “CAD CAM Principles, Practice and
Manufacturing Management”, Pearson Education second edition, 2005.
4. Ranky, Paul G., “Computer Integrated Manufacturing”, Prentice hall of India Pvt. Ltd.,
5. Yorem Koren, “ Computer Integrated Manufacturing”, McGraw Hill, 2005.
6. P N Rao, “ CAD/CAM Principles and Applications”, TMH Publications, 2007.
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