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Using With iDevice (Video)

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Recalling the glory days of the universal patch editor/librarian, Patch Base is a free iOS app offering in-app purchase of individual instrument editors. At this time there are 30 profiles of popular synthesizers from Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Oberheim, Clavia, DSI, Casio, and Ensoniq, with more being added all the time. MIDI GUITAR 2.5 for IOS.BETA. JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar app is the first realtime polyphonic guitar to midi converter: it makes the world of synthesizers available to guitarists. It offers a performance comparable to expensive hardware solutions. You dont need any special hardware other than an audiointerface! I - N - D - E - X. Midi Guitar 2 is perpetually on my 'buy soon' list since during testing it seems to be the highest quality MIDI tracking app out there. I just never pull the trigger because it is $20 for the IAP, which seem a bit steep to me. But one of these days I'll get it. $20 is a steal for what it does. The downside of IOS Midi Guitar 2 is that it still doesn’t support Audiobus or IOS AudioUnits. I was playing Zeeon thru MIDI guitar 2 just earlier today. Set MIDI guitar 2 output to virtual MIDI and then it should appear as a routing option in AUM for any Audio Unit. Your instructions helped a lot.

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How To Use The ToneWoodAmp With An iDevice

Recommended Apps: Midi Guitar 2 and SampleTank

This 1/8' TRS jack (also called mini stereo) lets you interface an IOS device (such as an iPhone or iPad)
to utilize guitar effect and MIDI apps.
NOTE: IOS device connectivity requires an iDevice adapter (sold separately).
To connect to an IOS device:

1. Connect the iDevice adapter to your IOS device.
2. Connect the 1/8' cable to the female end of the adapter.
3. Insert the other end into the 1/8-in TRS jack on the ToneWoodAmp.
4. Launch the desired app(s) and enjoy experimenting.

With an IOS device plugged into the ToneWoodAmp, you can choose whether its signal will go
through the ToneWoodAmp’s effects or not:

Parallel Mode (default): The IOS device signal does not flow through the ToneWoodAmp’s effects.
Serial Mode: the IOS device signal is routed through the ToneWoodAmp’s effects.
To choose Parallel or Serial Mode:
Click and hold the Parameters knob for two seconds.
Insert> appears on the display.
2. Turn the Parameters knob to select between Serial and Parallel.
3. Click the Parameters knob to select the desired mode.

Midi Guitar 2 Ios Pro

To assure that everything will work the first time, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that your iDevice is allowing MIDI guitar to access the device’s onboard microphone. Find this in your iDevice’s settings menu
  2. Quit any active applications on your iDevice.
  3. Make sure no Bluetooth audio devices are connected to your iDevice, as this will possibly interfere with communication between the guitar and the device.
  4. Turn on your TWA.
  5. Plug the short iDevice adapter to your iDevice.
  6. Connect the long ⅛ inch cable, one end to the iDevice adapter, and the other end to the ⅛ inch mini plug insert on the TWA.
  7. Launch the SampleTank application.
  8. Once SampleTank (or any other MIDI app) is running, launch the MIDI Guitar app, touch the field to the right of MIDI OUTPUT ROUTE and select VIRTUAL MIDI OUTPUT or SAMPLETANK FULL (or FREE)

MidiWatch the SampleTank tutorial video:

Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 Ios 13

Setting up Multi and Split Layers - If you'd like to utilize more than one backing instrument simultaneously while using your TWA with SampleTank, this video will demonstrate how to do so.

Learn about MIDI Guitar for iOS here: http://www.jamorigin.com/products/midi-guitar-for-ios/

Midi Guitar 2 Ios Ipsw

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