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In Theaters: 16 July 1999 The evil Trade Federation, led by Nute Gunray is planning to take over the peaceful world of Naboo. Jedi's Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan. To this day, the general public calls “Episode I” than “The Phantom Menace.” Unlike the original trilogy, the logo design is consistent throughout the prequels. The font, color and lock-up are identical, which creates a visual unity that solidifies in the audience’s mind that these films are all part of a whole. 45+ results for phantom menace Related keywords (10) pandanus-1 phantoms-1 pandemonious-4 pointing-10 pointing'-10 painting-14 painting-14 pending-16 phone dingus-40 painted messy-63. Forum matches View 5+ forum results. The Phantom Menace evokes a strong reaction from fans, and there’s no shortage of people who hate it. But while the movie certainly has its problems, damning the entire thing as a dreadful.

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Phantom Menace Plot

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I tried to emulate the original tagline as well as I could using the ITC Serif Regular font, with -75 negative tracking for that typical 70s ‘tight but not touching’ look. I applied -125 negative kerning to neatly tuck the elipsis underneath the arm of the ‘y’, and added +35 to the right side of the ‘t’ to detach it from the ‘i’. Yet this could only get me so far. Several characters are different – the Elsner+Flake family is the only one to have the correct ‘t’ with a tail, but no digital version features the double-storey ‘a’, the ‘e’ with slanted crossbar, nor the ‘f’ with elongated tail. Because most ITC fonts from that era were display faces, they were decked out with numerous alternate glyphs for maximum versatility. This allowed designers to fine-tune the lock-up until it was just right. Sadly almost none of those extras made it to digital. It is about time someone revisited ITC’s advertising classics and restored them to their original glory.

As for the movie itself – don’t spoil it for me! – I cannot wait to watch it to see if there are any other typographic treasures to be discovered. The poster itself will definitely be discussed in the January 2016 edition of ScreenFonts.

For more Star Wars-related typographic goodness, read about the history of Suzy Rice’s original Star Wars logo design on Episode Nothing, and about the little-known pre-release version by Joe Johnston on Fonts In Use. And if just like me you are intrigued by typography in science fiction movies, go over to Typeset In The Future,Dave Addey’s excellent blog dedicated to fonts in sci-fi.

Star Wars fans are a passionate bunch, and you are guaranteed to always find a bigger geek than yourself. This article was updated and corrected on December 20, with contributions by Ness Steadman, Richard Palermo, and Stephen Coles._

Star War The Phantom Menace

Header image:Space Halo 5 by David Cowan.
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