Taylormade R1 Driver Instructions


To prove just how much an adjustable driver can change your game, we collected new drivers from Callaway, Cobra, Nike, Ping and TaylorMade. Using the swing robot from Golf Laboratories Inc., we. TaylorMade have unveiled their new R1 driver, the follow-up product to the massively-successful R11S. The R1 has been designed with 12 loft options and seven face angle settings, as well as the brand’s famous movable weight technology – but despite the high level of adjustability, it’s an intuitive bit of kit that is straight forward to use. How to adjust a TaylorMade R1 driver, for loft, lie angle, and fade or draw bias.This is Darcy Schmidt at Golf Stuff in Welland Ontario, 540 Niagara Street.

Great deal.
Put this head on a good shaft. Gained 10-15 yards on my drive. If you want to pay $300.00-400.00 fir a Driver, go ahead. I got great satisfaction for $24.99. Thanks Diamond Tour.
Can't beat it!
I have friends that hit the OEM Taylor Made Drivers. The only significant difference is the sound of the ball off the club. As far as performance after playing 5 rounds there's not enougn difference to justify paying 5 to 6 x more for the OEM/Brand. My drives are average the same distance as there's and when they've hit my Turner T1 its pretty much the same end result. GREAT JOB Diamond Tour. BTW I've been playing for 25+ years and have a 12 handicap!
not good driver
The sound and everything is not right with this driver. Pretty disappointed since it is my first DTG driver. Please stay away. Looks very nice put hits, sounds, and plays horrible. Will be returning. Pretty afraid to order another driver. Irons I ordered work great. Driver nothing like the irons
Driver sounds terrible!
I was disappointed in this driver and will be sending it back. It was supposed to be 1 degree closed and was 2+ according to golfsmith.
Plus, the sound of the driver scared people on the range, waaay to loud. Annoying would be an understatement.
I love Diamond Tour and have purchased many clubs from them. This is the 1st I didn't like.

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The Turner T1 incorporates a new taller face and aerodynamic design that greatly expands the effective hitting area and increases distance. The center of gravity is also optimized to encourage a high launch/low spin ball flight that golfers prefer. Adjustable weight technology allows golfers the ability to enhance the driver's flight pattern. The titanium face is pushed to the USGA legal limit for spring like effect. The white crown and black clubface improves confidence at address and looks great in the bag. If you are looking for the ultimate in driver technology, look no further than the Turner T1.
  • Comparable to the TaylorMade® R1 Driver
  • Each Driver Comes With 2 - 1 gram weights pre-installed
  • Also Included - 1 Wrench, 1 extra 5 gram weight, 1 extra 10 gram weight

Taylormade R1 Driver Instructions Manual

Lofts Available910.512

Taylormade R1 Driver Instructions Hp

Driver Lie(+-1)59
Driver Weight(+-3)200 grams
Driver Volume460cc
Face Height54mm
Face Material9-6-4 Titanium
Face Angle1 Degree Closed
Face Thickness3.0-2.8mm
Diameter.335 Parallel Tip
Hosel Depth36mm

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I currently have two TaylorMade R11S driver heads sitting on my desk, a 10.5 and 12 degree.

They're pretty, they sound ok, I've really gotten used to the white, but there is a major problem..

The R11S Is a Short-Hitting Driver

Is there a problem with the ball speed, is it poorly made? No, it's intentionally mislabeled, and I'm sure the new R1 will be no different.

Read on if you want to hit it 20+ yards farther today..

The new R1 is supposed to allow you to change the loft from around 8 degrees to 12 degrees. Anyone with any experience with adjustable heads will tell you that will severely open or shut the club face.

TaylorMade says their adjustable sole plate solves that problem, and in my experience with the R11s, it has been able to setup square no matter how I adjusted the loft which is a completely different story when you compare it to the Titleist 910.


So, What's the Problem?

Taylormade R1 Driver Instructions

The problem is that the TaylorMade R11S 10.5 degree head is actually a WEAK 3 wood.

That's right, the true loft when measured with a loft measuring tool from GolfWorks is actually 16.5 degrees!!!

It's 17.5 degrees on the 12 degree head.

Why does TaylorMade knowingly mislabel their product? Simply because they know that's what most high handicap golfers actually need.

Most high handicap players hit the ball poorly with low speed and need the ball to stay in the air as long as possible to get any distance out of it. However, if you're a lower handicap golfer or someone who swings over 95 mph, you're losing a lot of distance.

Why We Use Nakashima Heads

Taylormade R1 Driver Specs

The simple answer as to why we use Nakashima heads is that they:

  • spin ridiculously low,
  • were once illegal because their faces were too hot (now toned down just enough to be legal) and
  • the lofts ARE TRUE because they are all hand measured BEFORE the loft number is machined into the head.

Taylormade R1 Driver Settings

So, when you buy a 10.5 Nakashima head from RotarySwing.com, you're actually buying a 10.5 head!

If you're tired of being mislead by marketing hype, get the real deal and pick up 20 yards today by clicking here!