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What makes 'The Downward Spiral' so good is everything else. The powerful guitar of 'Heresy',the machine-like robot beat behind 'Reptile', and the up-and-down energy of 'March of the Pigs'. I have named a few, my personal favorites, but each song fills its place to form a larger theme. Downward Spiral: Definitive Edition 2LP Artist: Nine Inch Nails Format: Vinyl New: Available 34.98 $ 34.98 Buy Wish Available Formats and Editions. So, looking back a mere ten years to Nine Inch Nails' multi-platinum industrial landmark The Downward Spiral is a surprise. For added attraction, the original album has been remastered to SACD and remixed for 5.1 Surround Sound.

By Lance Fiasco November 11, 2004 at 12:00 AM

In 1994, a dark, brutal album turned music upside down and became a modern masterpiece.

Now, in its 10th anniversary year, Nine Inch Nails’ THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, a landmark album in modern rock, in industrial music and in pop culture returns in a Deluxe Edition (Interscope/UMe), released November 23, 2004.

THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL – Deluxe Edition is offered in two versions, each digitally remastered.

Both packages also include a 28-page booklet filled with photos and graphics.

The SACD Hybrid version (playable on all CD, DVD and SACD players) features Disc One with the original album in CD Audio, SACD Stereo and SACD 5.1 Surround Sound, and Disc Two in CD Audio and SACD Stereo with 10 b-sides, remixes and rarities and a trio of previously unreleased demos.

Disc Two includes “Burn” from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack; “Closer (Precursor),” “Closer To God” and “Memorabilia” from the Closer To God EP; “Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now),” “Hurt (Quiet)” and “The Downward Spiral (The Bottom)” from the Further Down The Spiral remix album; “A Violet Fluid” and “All The Pigs, All Lined Up” from the “March Of The Pigs” single; “Dead Souls” from The Crow soundtrack, and previously unreleased demos for “Ruiner,” “Liar” and “Heresy.”

As presented on one of the first ever DualDiscs the original album is featured on both the CD side and the DVD side, with the latter also boasting DVD-Audio Advanced Resolution Stereo and Surround Sound (for playback on DVD-Audio capable players, Dolby Surround and Stereo (for playback on all DVD players) and DVD-Video presentations of music videos for “Closer” (in Surround Sound), “March Of The Pigs” and “Hurt” (live).

One of the most influential albums of the ’90s, THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL is Trent Reznor’s industrial-cum-tragic opera view of the world.

The second full-length album from his Nine Inch Nails – after 1989’s breakthrough Pretty Hate Machine – THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL was the highly ambitious concept album that propelled singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Reznor to Jim Morrison- esque sex symbol star status and brought industrial music to mainstream audiences.

Reznor states, “I’m very proud and excited to present THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL in high resolution and surround formats.

When the idea came up to remix TDS in surround, I knew it would be an interesting and much more open approach we could take. Irrigation calculation software.

As I revisited the original sessions/master tapes, I was surprised at how well the tracks lent themselves to the surround format. TDS is a fairly dense and layered work and now you can actually get deeper into the tracks…you can decipher more of what’s happening.

It’s still true to the essence of the original but the surround format expands the experience of TDS.

Even more disturbing, if I do say so myself.

Good luck.”

Recorded in a studio in the Los Angeles house where actress Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson’s gang, THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL debuted at #2 pop and went quadruple platinum, becoming the group’s best-selling album and perhaps the bleakest multiplatinum album ever.

The tracks “Closer” (with its provocative lyrics one of the year’s most controversial and unlikely hits), “Hurt” and “Piggy” all charted Top 20 Modern Rock, with “March Of The Pigs” attaining a #5 Dance ranking.

While having a huge impact on alternative metal bands of the decade, and being the most popular group in the industrial genre, Nine Inch Nails would not be heard from again until 1999’s #1-charting The Fragile.

THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, however, remains atop modern rock as its ultimate dark classic.

Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral Remastered


The Downward Spiral Remastered

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