Wow Lamepaw

Lightning Paw
RaceFox (Beast)
Level10-30 Rare
Pet familySpirit Beast
  • Here is the information I collected while camping Lamepaw Other then the normal wolves around the area, he wasn't much of a problem to kill. I had a few hunters ask to tame him so that was fine since I was just getting times. Times Kill = 2:19 pm Respawn = 2:47 pm Kill = 2:47 pm Respawn 3:16 pm I would estimate his respawn time to be 28-29.
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A possible spawn point.
Wow Lamepaw

Gets roasted on the daily Twitch: Twitter: Discord: https://discord.gg/GfhXBBH. According to the official Warcraft Atlas, this mob is rated as a Semi-Rare with a respawn timer of 8.5-12.5 hours. Lamepaw the Whimperer - spawns in Elwynn Forest.

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Lightning Paw is a rare foxspirit beast that appears in Duskwood. It can be found hiding in any sizable bush that shows blinking eyes.

Wow Lamepaw


  • Stealth — Puts the caster in stealth mode. Lasts until cancelled.


  • [Crystalline Tear of Loyalty]



  • Lightning Paw was designed by the daughter of Steve Danuser.[1]

Patch changes


Wow Lamepaw The Whimperer Spawn

  • Patch 7.1.5 (2017-01-10): Added.


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Wow Lamepaw The Whimperer

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Wow Lamepaw The Whimperer

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